End of Life

Facing an illness or the end of one’s journey in life is a difficult and daunting experience as nothing can prepare us and the people around us to face such time that is bound to bring to mind challenging questions on the meaning of life and of one’s existence. It is bound to make the person face his/her own self and the way they have lived life until that moment which may trigger regret, anger and frustration and the inability to change things can magnify the fear of what is going to happen next.

Hypnotherapy’s effectiveness for many kind of issues results from bringing the mind to a peaceful state of acceptance of what cannot be changed, and in the case of facing illness or the end one’s journey in life also by putting into perspective the way the person understands life by questioning reality as we intend it and by guiding the person to find the meaning of their life and their journey.

For those who are to accompany someone on this difficult journey hypnotherapy will help dealing with the anxiety and assisting in getting through the stages of bereavement ensuring the person affected can go back to a balanced life.

Remember: “Nothing is Impossible, the word itself says I’M POSSIBLE!”


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