Depression’s symptoms vary and can go from a general lack of interest for life and constant low energy to a strong feeling of grief. Grief is a deep emotional void left a result of some loss, be it a physical loss like losing your job or home or even a certain lifestyle or an emotional loss like a relationship break-up, be it for the child of divorcing parents or for the loss/end of a relationship, not necessarily intimate. Or again depression can be the consequence of not having lived fully a certain period of life, like having missed on a happy childhood or youth, or the realisation of missed opportunities like that of creating a family, or having had to give up on some aspiration because of some situational constraints.

Some depressed people are able to carry on smiling and give no signal to the other world of their pain. Depression is lived in isolation as it is obvious that people who have never suffered from depression can understand the pain and how there doesn’t seem to be a way out, but a way out is possible indeed.

Depression is labelled as an illness but there is nothing furthest from the truth. Again it is due to bad experiences and bottled up emotions, possibly unresolved trauma and once the grieving part is given voice and the causes worked with and processed depression is truly lifted off your shoulders once and for all so you can start making plans once again.

Remember: “Nothing is Impossible, the word itself says I’M POSSIBLE!”

An emotional void as the result of Grief and Depression can be overcome.

“There is ample evidence that psychotherapy coupled with hypnosis for the treatment of depression can be highly effective.”

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