Heart pounding faster and faster, a chill running up your spine and down the rest of your body, breath becoming shorter and shorter as we break out in sweat and feel our stomach and or chest tightening up and panic strikes, getting away is the only thing we can think of or we may lose control!

Phobias are due to extreme anxiety attached to a specific object, so it is a projection of an internal unidentified fear that is attached to an object as a subconscious means to try and resolve the fear itself. In some cases the phobia can be handled by avoiding the object or encounters with it, like with the phobia of spiders, rats or snakes, however sometimes the phobia can render our life limited as we are trying to avoid the feelings that for example travelling will trigger. This makes for a limited enjoyment of life and can literally hinder us in many ways.

Again like with any kind of anxiety based disorder finding out the event or series of events that caused the initial anxiety, working with the feelings and re-framing the experiences will get rid of the phobia bring back the body and mind to balance.

Remember: “Nothing is Impossible, the word itself says I’M POSSIBLE!”


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